13th annual Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting
Sat., January 21, 2017
2:30-6 PM

5 Seasons Brewing Sandy Springs
& Taco Mac Prado

Twitter: #AtlantaCaskAle

Our Two Venues are Next Door to Each Other
In the Prado Center - just south of I-285 on Roswell Rd.

- Click here for directions -

Photos by Ale Sharpton

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  • Sample ~50 rare, cask-conditioned real ales from the USA and UK!
  • See participating breweries at bottom of this site.
  • Take home a free Monday Night Brewing souvenir glass!
  • Experience one of the Southeast's most highly regarded craft beer events!
  • Delectable food from 5 Seasons and Taco Mac will be on sale!
  • Vote for "People's Choice" award!
  • A morning panel of beer judges will award medals to the top cask ales!

Tickets for 2018 on sale around August.

  • Tickets are only $43.50 plus tax and a low Xorbia processing fee. Tickets will sell out online, and no tickets will be available at the door.
  • Bring your Xorbia ticket on your smartphone or printed out for entry. Also bring photo ID.
  • Tickets are transferable to other persons. We do not need prior notice on transfers.
  • 21 and up. NO children or pets please.
  • Tickets are non-refundable.
  • Also be sure to see the "Attendance Notes" section near the bottom...

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Beers at this event are licensed GA brands purchased by 5 Seasons and Taco Mac (licensed beer retail servers) from licensed Georgia distributors and sold to attendees by 5 Seasons and Taco Mac as part of a ticket price. All federal and state taxes on the beer will be paid by 5 Seasons, Taco Mac and Georgia distributors.  Brewers/distributors do not pay for nor provide any monetary or promotional consideration to the organizers or to the locations of the event.

10% OFF FOOD after the event!

We encourage attendees to hang around after the event for food and beer at 5 Seasons and Taco Mac. Both locations are offering 10% off your food purchases with an ACAT wristband!

Click a link below for photos, beer lists and winners from previous ACATs...
 2017 | 2016| 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 20102009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006  | 2005

After operating and organizational costs, proceeds benefit the Atlanta Humane Society.  AHS will also be present at the event to accept additional, tax-deductible donations.

ACAT Guest Judges:

Former Stone
head brewer Mitch Steele

London beer
writer Des de Moor

Steve Hamburg of the
Chicago Beer Society

Just what is cask ale (a.k.a. real ale)?
From London's Independent Real Ale Guide... "Real ale or cask-conditioned beer is a natural, living product. The beer is not filtered, pasteurised or artificially carbonated. It's placed into casks (called firkins), often with extra hops for aroma, and delivered in unfinished form to pubs. Here the beer enjoys a secondary fermentation in cask that creates a full, mature  flavour. In UK pubs, when the yeast has settled, the beer is drawn by the familiar hand-pump attached to a suction pump known as a beer engine. Some pubs without cellars still serve beer straight from the cask using a simple gravity tap."  The Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting utilizes simple gravity taps to serve its real ales.

This is fresh ale the way it was meant to be served.  Attendees at the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting (ACAT) will be amazed at the complexity and smooth, delicious character of these special real ales.  The beer lineup at ACAT will include cask versions of classic styles, some dry-hopped versions
(with fresh hops added to the cask), and many specialty beers with exceptional ingredients!  A panel of beer judges will conduct a morning blind judging session and award "best of show" ribbons.

UK casks are typcially elegant golden ales, pale ales, bitters, mild ales, old ales or dark ales.  Many brewers in the USA (and a few in the UK) include special ingredients and/or processes with the 10.8 gallons of beer placed in their casks (spices, fruit, wood, chocolate, etc.).  ACAT features casks from the UK and USA for interesting comparisons. Which do you prefer? 

All Your Cask Ale Equipment Needs

“Casks should always be conditioned and stored at cool temperatures (50-60 degrees F) because warm conditioning temperatures make for exploding cask bungs and a tremendous mess. Cask ales can't be shipped in warm months on non-refrigerated trucks, and this explains why casks seem less prevalent in the U.S. during summer months. Casks taste best when served no warmer than a chilly 50-55 degrees F, and cask ales should offer a soft, subdued, bright carbon dioxide sparkle and should never be flat - with occasional exceptions involving well-aged, port-like, high-gravity old ales or barleywines.”
             -- Owen Ogletree, Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting Founder, Director and Head Judge.

  • Casks  will be split between the patios of 5 Seasons and Taco Mac (located just a few steps from each other).
  • Bring your Xorbia ticket for scanning at the door on paper or your smartphone. Bring photo ID. Tickets are transferable to other persons. We do not need prior notice on transfers.
  • All attendees must agree to a liability release waiver and terms/conditions on the Xorbia ticket site.
  • Dress in warm clothes and bring a hat and gloves.  The facility will be cold to keep the beer at the proper serving temperature. 
  • We do ask that all guests be responsible, use moderation, have a designated driver, and remember that this event is for beer tasting and appreciation - not overindulgence. 21 and up - bring photo ID.  Taxis will be on call, so please do not drink and drive. Designated drivers are not allowed in cask serving areas but are welcome to sit and eat at 5 Seasons or Taco Mac.
  • In case of severe winter weather, every effort will be made to postpone the event to the following day - Sunday.  To check on event status in case of pending severe weather, see the BREWTOPIA EVENTS LLC Facebook page or www.Brewtopia.Info.  Sorry, there can be NO refunds for any tickets - even if severe winter weather forces postponement.
  • Brewers/distributors do not pay for nor provide any monetary or promotional consideration to the organizers or to the locations of the event.  All beers are purchased by 5 Seasons and Taco Mac from licensed Georgia wholesale distributors, and 5 Seasons and Taco Mac pay all applicable taxes on the sale of beer at this event.
  • Some beers will run out before the end of the event.

Photos by Ale Sharpton

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Tentative List of Breweries Participating in ACAT 2017...


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